Alisa Sheinson | ABOUT
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Alisa’s Lightart Studio specializes in the design and branding of public and
commercial spaces in Israel and abroad and serves as a one stop shop in the field .of architecture and design Alisa Sheinson, a multidisciplinary designer
is equipped with an out of the box design approach. She utilizes that approach to sculpt spaces by utilizing shape, light and shadow, while referencing the DNA of the structure, thereby creating a unique story. for each architectural space Her unique fingerprint is the use of sculpting techniques and lighting to create three dimensional spaces sculpted with different materials, with meticulous attention to functionality, innovation and .a unique personal statement The studio leads a long line of projects in Israel and the world which include a hotel complex and commercial center in Macao, Hong Kong & Europe. The design and branding of the Sami Ofer Stadium in Haifa office towers and private construction as well as hospitals and residential buildings in Israel and abroad.