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When Sheinson began studying design at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, she was immediately drawn to the design of signage and guidance systems. She has operated her own studio for nearly 30 years, working with designers from various fields such as interior design, graphic design, architecture, and signage. Since she began taking on interior design projects in public spaces approximately 14 years ago, the interior design of public and commercial spaces has become her primary field, both in Israel and abroad.

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Among her major projects are interior and signage design in office buildings, in which she devotes special attention to the topic of light. “I have always used light and lighting, and for twelve years I have been creating light sculptures in the spaces that I design, which often become the main component of the project. I told myself that if I could design them, I could also create them. Today it is accepted, but in the past it was not done. For me, it is a pleasure to create new and different things. Sometimes they are even a bit too sophisticated. Sometimes it can take me a second to come up with an idea for something I want to do, and I end up spending half a year making it happen.”

Over the years, Sheinson has designed table series, sculptures in light boxes, tile series, 3-D printed light fixtures, and light fixtures based on fabric and plastic bags. One upcoming, exciting project that Sheinson has begun working on recently is the graphic rebranding of all the signage and directing signs for the Eurovision festival in Tel Aviv, which will be held at the Tel Aviv Convention Center in May 2019.

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The studio is home to some talented designers of all design fields, such as interior designers, graphics and 3D designers, product designers and more. We are a family and are very proud to take part in the never-ending process of creating new art, changing the landscape of some important places, and helping Alisa follow her dreams.

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